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Airless Plaster - Fast application for a flawless finish!

What is Airless Plaster?

Airless plaster offers an extremely clean and rapid method of applying plaster to a wall. Once administered, surfaces can be ready to paint in an astonishingly quick time. An airless application negates the need for pre-mixing with water and is a truly ‘tidy’ solution, both in terms of the finish it provides and the minimal waste it creates. Containing a specially-developed fast-drying compound, airless plaster is applied with an airless spray gun – a simple, less-labour intensive alternative to the traditional hawk and trowel method. Baumit recently introduced its SX Airless Plaster range to the UK market. Applied via a spray gun attached to an airless spray machine, the plaster is 30% more rapid to install to interior walls than traditional application methods.

Rapid-set solution SX Airless Plaster has been praised for its superb workability, even coverage and the speed at which it is applied. It requires just six hours’ setting time, after which it is able to be sanded. In terms of application, the airless method offers the user total control, resulting in an exceptionally clean and tidy finish. There is no overspray, and cutting-in couldn’t be easier when using a spray gun rather than a trowel - one bag of SX Airless Plaster will cover a hugely impressive 16m2 area. The finished surface will look every bit as impressive as a traditional application, but fewer man-hours will have been spent on its completion. Slashing application time

SX Airless plaster is the ideal solution for large jobs. A prep-free solution, the airless application is pre-mixed and ready for use in a spray machine, reducing the need for on-site preparation and waste. The ease of application and the speed at which the product works means walls can be painted and finished in significantly less time.

Due to its associated time and cost benefits, there can be no question airless plaster is the future solution for smart, durable interiors. Suitable for interior walls and ceilings

  • Fast drying

  • Pre-mixed

  • Easy to sand

  • Ideal for an ultra-smooth finish

  • Free from solvents

  • Naturally white in colour, requiring less coats of paint

  • Rapid application, one bag equates to 16m2 coverage

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